2017 Highlights

These are some of the highlights of EArtH’s 2017 including its new adopted villages, activities, accomplishments.

EArtH adopted 3 new villages 

Happy to announce that EArtH Foundation adopted 3 villages, making the total adopted village count to 12.
INDARAM from Jaipur Mandal, Manchiryal dist.
MAMIDIPALLY from Karimnagar dist.
KOTHAPALEM from Guntur dist.

KOTHAPALEM (Guntur, Andhra Pradesh)
EArtH is proud to announce that we have adopted Kothapalem village in Guntur , this is our 12th village. Big thanks to Balram Odugu who is sponsoring fully for this village.

Summary of adoption of this village:
– 240 kids enrolled.
– 108 families
– this is EArtH’s first village adopted with high school (no primary school in this village)

INDARAM (Manchiryal dist, Telangana)
Donor’s name is Ratan Ingu – he is sponsoring for this village for the years of adoption (typically takes 3-5 years). Ratan is from Manchiryal. EArtH and Indaram are grateful to Ratan for his contribution to his district.
Following are some basic info of this village:
1100 households
Population: 5200
4 teachers, 95 kids

MAMIDIPALLY (Karimnagar, Telangana)
Donor’s name is Sridhar Bogelli – he is sponsoring the village through his own company Apps Associates. Here are the details about the village:
Number of House holds : 730
Population 2600
3 Anganwadi Centers
1 primary school, strength: 104 children
1 high school,
No private schools
Total staff 4 Govt teachers.


EArtH entered into ‘next’ phase, and is going beyond education in our adopted villages. We are helping parents in employment and income for their families by teaching them TAILORING (it is the only income for some families and additional for some other). This complements our efforts towards strengthening education because this mitigates the migration problem where unemployed parents every year go out of villages for months which results in dropouts or irregularities of kids.

Successfully finished Phase 1 training in Garrepally, Bhupatipur, Pedarathpally, Mutharam, kalvasrirampur. Got excellent response from parents.

Only govt school sending families are eligible for this benefit, intention being encouraging families to prefer sending their kids to government (versus private) schools.

So far Results of Tailoring

Training in Tailoring helps in employment/More income of families

Phase 1 of EArtH’s Tailoring program is resulting in employment for about 30% of mothers who attended the training in EArtH’s adopted villages.

These are some of the parents who were part of Phase 1 of Tailoring training in EArtH’s initial villages and now bought tailoring machines and making a living out of it (started earning money). EArtH is happy that it is able to help families in employment/more income.

2017 State Level Skills Competition

EArtH conducted its annual 2-day skills competition event for its adopted kids on Jan 22-23 in Jangaon on the eve of Republic day. This is EArtH’s biggest event every year.

All 9 schools conducted competitions to their kids. Winners and runners from school level will go to this organization level event. Below is the categories list. Preparations have been going on for more than a month.

Drawing, Writing, Speaking/Elocution (Telugu and English), Singing, Dance
Sports – Chess, Skipping, Running, Kabaddi, Long jump
Group quiz competition

Events’s chief guest was Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar, MP of Rajya Sabha for Telangana

District Level Arts Competition

EArtH foundation kids participated in a District Level Arts competition event (public event) in Peddapally dist. (Forked from Karimnagar) conducted by Sri Vani Kalanilayam. There were about 500-600 audience. EArtH kids got 6 prizes in total in 4 categories. Chief guest was Peddapally MLA Dasari Manohar reddy

Kriya Pillala Panduga

EArtH Foundation took 6 of its adopted kids to a State Level competitions called Kriya Pillala Panduga conducted in JNTU Kakinada, AP. Proud to say EArtH kids bagged following prizes in sub-juniors category with >200 contestants in each competition. Singing ( 1st prize ) and Group Dance ( 1st prize )

Field Trips

We have taken kids on few field trips this month.

1. Solar plant for Kalvasrirampur kids. There, officials gave us permission to see plant and they also arranged engineers to explain how we use solar plates for efficient power consumption.
2. Chepala cheruvu at peddarathpally.
3. Local pottery making vendor. Kids had their hands on the making.
4. Local buttalu/baskets vendor
5. Srirampur police station. Police representative explained about guns and bullets

Gurukul and Model School selection

12 of EArtH adopted kids got selected into MODEL schools and 13 kids got selected into GURUKUL schools. GURUKUL and MODEL are highly sought after govt schools.
These are the details of kids who wrote the exams and who got selected. EArtH gives coaching and material to kids to increase their chance of selection.

Personality development activities

School Uniforms and Bags Distribution

We distributed school bags to kids during MAP program
EF gave School Bags to its adopted kids of villages adopted before 2016. School bags is one of the few materialistic help that EArtH provides since it aligns with org’s overall goal.
Lot of kids can’t afford proper school bags.
Helps get parents emotionally closer to the org thus helping in org’s awareness/mindset-change goal.