About Us

The organization logo says it all: Only educated individuals can lift (develop) any nation and India is no exception.

“Education” is not just about academics, it is also about overall development of personality – having elevated thoughts, ability to choose one’s own way of living, freedom to express, living with self-respect. Having exposure to progressive aspects of life like arts, sports, communication skills, ethics, behavior/discipline from young age (primary school) helps in overall development of a person and become confident individuals. Such “educated” individuals form a more complete society and thus a more complete INDIA. EArtH Foundation’s mission is to embed such culture into students of its adopted villages. The overall goal is to improve qualitative and quantitative education in India.

Our model is to adopt backward villages, develop their education quantitatively and qualitatively (from ground/root level) until the villages become self-sustaining, and then put these villages in monitoring phase and go on to other villages. This model is scalable because our work touches masses (poor and middle classes in villages), which form a majority of population in India.

Following are our goals in each of our adopted villages w.r.t education:
1. (Qualitative) Improve children’s quality/personality/capability: Daily classes teach academics, sports, arts, communication skills, moral values, and other personality/quality development aspects.
2. (Quantitative) Improve literacy: Mobilize and provide awareness to villagers (esp. parents) to eliminate dropouts to get 100% literacy with permanent change.

These two goals complement each other to form a more comprehensive education system in the village. This will directly lead to a far superior society when these children become the working class of the society.

So far, we have adopted 8 villages combined in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.