Summer Camp

What can we do to teach kids during summer? In this scorching heat? Something we never did before….
Earth’s Summer Camp 2019
EArtH conducted 15-day residential Summer Camp in the summer of 2019 for kids in our Phase 2 villages. Recap of Phase 2 : We recently put 7 of our old and ‘achieved’ villages to Phase 2, where we are adding self-sustainability by making the villages be responsible for themselves.
We invited kids to Ekashila High School in Huzurabad dist (residential school) for 15 days with accommodation and food and conducted following activities.

Days started at 5:30, get ready for physical activities (warmup exercises, yoga, Karate).
Communication skills – where/when possible

This camp ended up as a great success, but as usual with our work, not before some struggle. Struggle : Convince parents to get their kids to the venue. And in the camp kids were feeling homesick , they never stayed away from house in their lives. But, finally most of the participating kids stayed through the whole 15 days and made this program a success. This is also a useful experience for kids staying away from home.

Thanks to the EArtH team for finding this great venue and who had to stay away from their families for many days and made this purposeful event a success.